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Kern County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Thinking About Pleading Guilty? Think Again.

Local courts have seen an increase in the number of cases being filed as overzealous prosecutors try to satisfy a public thirst for convictions. 

While some consequences of a conviction are well known (jail time, probation, court fines, drug testing, and classes), consider how a conviction could impact your life:

  • Could it affect your job or future employment opportunities? 
  • How will family and friends react? 
  • Would it affect your immigration status? 
  • Could you handle a jail or prison sentence?

Thorough preparation can be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. Call our Kern County criminal defense attorneys to represent you.

Don’t gamble with your freedom

Don’t wait until your court date to start thinking about your case. Hiring our Kern County criminal defense attorneys at an early stage can help preserve evidence and prevent charges from being filed. 

  • Stay out of jail. Many of our clients NEVER have to go to jail. Even in the most difficult cases, we can negotiate work release or home detention so you can get on with your life without having to miss work or family obligations. 
  • Stay out of court. In some cases, your case can be handled in the privacy of our office or over the phone. You will not have to miss work or undergo the stress and anxiety of appearing in court.
  • Have charges dismissed or reduced. Our attorneys research and investigate all matters thoroughly and pursue every defense in order to get your charges dismissed or reduced to get the best deal possible.
  • Clean your record. It's no fun having a conviction on your record where employers and others can see it. These days, anyone can do a quick search and find your conviction. In some cases, we can have the charges reduced or expunged from your record.

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The Best Defense is a Thorough One

We fight for clients every day and are committed to their success because their lives depend on it. In criminal cases, you can do things one of two ways — you can do things quick, or you can do things right.  While rushing things may result in things getting done quickly, you should never rush at the expense of committing a mistake.

When you work with us, you get the dedicated attention of one of our very experienced and highly qualified attorneys. We will do a thorough job of investigating your case and exploring all defenses. 

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We Are Always Happy to Help

Finding the right defense attorney can be hard. To us, a client isn't just another file or case number but an extended member of our family. 

They get treated like family because that’s the way we would want our case handled if we needed a lawyer. If you’re ready for a client experience designed to knock your socks off, come by and see for yourself why clients love us. While getting arrested is never fun, neither is going through the process alone. 

If you have questions, come by and meet people who will work hard to keep you out of jail. We gladly provide office or jail visits. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

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